Learn about the rosebush and its uses. All parts of the plant were harvested in winter.

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The rosebush is a plant that can be harvested in the winter. It is sometimes called a plant of sorrows. There are many stories about the rosebush and its usefulness.


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Rosehips (0:10)

Toothache medicine (0:45)
A plant of sorrow (0:28)

warriors used rosebush tea (2:30)
How to clean a branch (2:54)

Root tea uses (3:50)

Rosebush cuttings (5:50)

Stories about the rosebush (7:09)
The nature of the rosebush (9:40)
A creation story of plants (11:00)
Plants have spirits (12:10)
Red rosebush tea (15;52)
Elders and the rosebush (17:00-21:48)