Learn about harvesting blachroot in the winter and its uses throughout the year.

Video & Resources (19:15)

See first hand how to harvest blackroot in the winter. Enjoy the story of how the Northern Cheyenne became friends with the wolf. Hear the story of the Great Flood that was passed down from generation to generation.


Find resources to help support understanding.

Blackroot in Summer

Learn about blackroot as it grows in summer



Predicts winter weather (0:25)

Toothache medicine (0:45)
The amount of root needed (2:50)

Cannot be dried and saved (4:12)

For stings and bites (4:35)

Easily  found in winter (5:00)

Powder puff mushroom story (6:54)

The stories of becoming friends with the wolf and the Great Flood (7:40 – 19:15)