How the buffalo trunk artifacts were crafted

Learn how all of the buffalo trunk items were created using the ancient techniques of the Northern Cheyenne Nation.

Video & Resources (38:55)

This video gives detailed explanations of all of the buffalo trunk tools created in the ancient craftsmanship.

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How the artifacts were made


Why the buffalo was important ( 0:48)

Using sandstone (1:38)

Stonework (2:23)

Pressure flaking (2:50)

Painting tools (4:05)

Quill flattening (7:03)

Techniques (8:10)

The horn (9:02)

The bladder (12:45)

Toys (hooves) (17:30)

Tail (20:54)

Tanning and rawhide (22:50)

Hide glue (24:48)

Mounting stone tools on a handle (29:00)
Preparing for winter (30:00)

Origin of the Tall Bull family name (32:00)
Stories and beliefs (33:00)